Alex Bennet divorce from Husband Graham | Mean Girl Podcast Alex Bennet Divorce.

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Alex bennet divorce

When we talk about celebrity relationships one of the names that come to our attention is that in a recent podcast at Barstool Sports comedy podcast, Alex Bennett revealed a shocking update on her relationship that Alex Bennett’s relationship has ended with her husband Graham.

She also revealed that her divorce process takes up to one year to happen. In this article, we will discuss all the questions that came to viewers’ minds about Alex Bennett’s divorce, how Alex Bennett separated, Alex Bennett’s divorce reason, and who is Alex Bennett’s husband so keep reading for more.

Alex Bennet’s Marriage

Alex Bennet belongs to a strong family background with a strong wealth and property. Her father Clay Bennet is the owner of the NBA Team. In the recent episode of the Barstool Sports podcast, shocking news came that Alex Bennet and Graham were separated 5 months ago.

According to their family friend, this report has been confirmed earlier that they are separated and they have no more relationship with each other. Alex Bennet and Graham did not disclose this incident in public because they wanted details private.

All details about Alex Bennet’s Marriage

Alex Bennet and Graham came together toward relation when they both lived in Oklahoma City. They both have good conversations with each other and they understand each other very well as they live in the same hometown and spend much of the time with each other. Due to their Education, they moved away from each other, and after they moved toward Newport Beach, California with each other and finally married in 2019.

alex bennet marriage

After their marriage in 2019, Alex Bennet reduced her presence in her TikTok and Instagram Accounts.

Alex Bennet’s And Graham After Divorce

Alex Bennet’s shared problem after the divorce was that they were using the same bank account for their financial needs. Alex said I have never expected that we would ever separate from each other. When they were moving toward divorce Alex demanded One-Third of money from their joint bank Account.

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Alex also contributed some amount to their bank account but after the divorce when Alex demanded her money from the bank Graham’s lawyer said no money would be given to Alex Bennet. Then Alex signed in new lease and set up a new business.

Alex Bennet’s Divorce Fans Reaction

After unexpected news of Alex Bennet’s divorce went viral fans were so much heartbroken and shocked to hear this news. The fans were in love with their relationship with each other a few months ago. Alex Bennet also shared her first wedding anniversary post with their fans on her social media accounts. After the divorce everyone on social media was talking about their divorce and what caused their divorce.

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Alex Bennet Networth

Alex binnet divorce and networth

There are no confirmed reports about Alex Bennet’s net worth. As Alex, she had never disclosed her net worth publically. Alex was one of the famous influencers with over 202,000 followers on Instagram and when we talk about their TikTok followers they were about 256,000+. As we calculate their social presence and their background according to some resources Alex Bennet’s Networth is mentioned below.

Alex Bennett (Broadcaster)Net Worth (Year)
2023$3.46 Million
2022$3.11 Million
2021$2.77 Million
2020$2.42 Million
2019$2.08 Million
Alex Bennet Networth

Alex Bennet Marriage Controversy

On November 6, the Mean Girl Podcast was aired with the title of “Alex’s relationship status.” Both the host sat in front of each other they began to talk about their relationship that ended 5 months ago. She also revealed that before coming to this podcast they had contacted each other and he told her :

Whenever you do the episode on our marriage ending, I want you to make me a promise that you will give it everything you’ve got.”

Alex Bennet also revealed that :

“I’m not quite sure how to articulate it. There were no arguments, no conflicts, no anger, and no shouting. Starting in May, we engaged in some deeply challenging discussions, which revealed that our hearts were heading in different directions throughout May and June.”

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