Deadly Invasion Apple Snails Returns Experts Issue Urgent Warning – Stay Away

Recent reports of the rise of apple snails invading the area have raised concern for both locals and experts alike.Β The effect of these pests on the environment and our security is becoming more apparent and has led to a need for caution and vigilance.

apple snails are back, and experts say stay away

The Growing Problem

As per Dr. Erica Boyle, a neighbor of Metairie, the situation has gotten worse in the last year.Β These apple snails which are invasive and found in South America, have found their way into a variety of lakes and man-made canals, as well as artificial ones.

Β Michael Massimi, the Invasive Species and Marine Programs Coordinator for the Barataria-Terrebonne National Estuary Programme provides insight into the causes of the problem.Β 

The snails likely came into the region through the trade in aquariums but then abandoned in the local water.Β They’ve resulted in an increase in population and each egg is capable of releasing as many as 1,500 tiny apple snails, which can become as big as an apple.

Environmental and Ecological Impact

The effects of this invasive species are numerous.Β Apple snails pose a serious danger to the fragile ecosystem of aquatic life.Β They eat aquatic plants, which causes destruction to the environment.

Β In the process, lakes become muddy, and sunlight reaches a lower level causing an increase in algal growth.Β The disruption of healthy habitats transforms them into environments that pose a threat to fisheries and aquatic life because fish and other animals must fight to survive in the changing conditions.

Challenges in Control Apple Snails and Potential Solutions

The issue of tackling this one is a challenge because of the potential damage that methods for controlling could inflict on the quality of water and other wildlife.Β The current solutions may inadvertently harm the crawfish population and the overall condition of the bodies of water.

Β There is a glimmer of optimism is evident when one thinks of a predator that is natural – the Limpkin.Β This brown-colored wading bird has been identified as the first predator of its kind which feeds on apple snails on sight.Β While it may not be able to eliminate the population of invasive species The appearance of Limpkin may help in reducing the population’s size to a degree.

Apple snails are back Safety Concerns

The consequences of these invading snails go beyond the environmental impact.Β The egg-like white clump they lay contains a neurotoxin that makes the snails dangerous to contact.Β Additionally, snails are recognized as carriers of lungworm parasites in rats.Β 

Consuming them raw could result in serious health issues.Β Dr. Boyle raises concerns about the safety of children who might unintentionally encounter these snails.Β Being aware of the dangers they can pose is essential to ensure that children are not exposed accidentally.


The return of apple snails that are invasive in water bodies around the world is a major problem that requires attention.Β The negative effects on ecosystems that depend on water and the health risks that could be caused by these animals highlight the necessity for quick action.

Β Awareness, vigilance, and prudent behavior are vital to reduce the impact of this invasive species.Β Experts continue to research possible solutions, and cooperation between local communities, environmental organizations, and authorities will be essential in safeguarding both the environment and the safety of our citizens.

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