Massive Bull Spotted Riding In Chopped Ford Crown | Bull Riding in Passenger Seat

Bull Riding in Passenger Seat

In a bizarre incident on the roads that run through Norfolk, Nebraska, a Ford vehicle was stopped by police, and it was stopped with an uninvited passenger – a fully grown Watusi bull.Β 

This incident soon went viral, has left police and people watching awed by the extraordinary scene.

Β Let’s explore the fascinating travels of the bull named “Howdy Doody” and his owner, Lee Meyer, as they traveled through Nebraska’s streets.

Norfolk Police Captain Chad Reiman recalled the moment they got an emergency 911 call regarding the transport of an animal into the town.Β 

The officers were expecting a tiny calf, The officers were shocked when they came across the enormous Watusi bull that was stuffed into the rear of a Ford car.Β The scene was one to be noted.

Lee Meyer, the owner of the bull created a unique configuration inside his car that could allow for Howdy Doody.Β 

The Ford Crown Victoria sedan had its roof removed partially leaving room for the bull’s horns to be awe-inspiring.

Β A cattle gate in yellow was used as a temporary door for the passenger side that allowed Howdy Doody securely secured during the journey.

Although the reason behind this eerie travels remains unclear this isn’t the only time Howdy Doody has been the subject of attention.

Β Before, he’s been a part of parades and other public events frequently riding with Lee Meyer.Β Video clips from 2017, and 2019,, show the bull’s previous rides.

Meyer’s wife, Rhonda sheds some details about the remarkable connection that her husband has with Howdy Doody.

Β The dog, who has been with the Meyer family for about eight to nine years is to be a part of the household.Β Rhonda said that her husband will often take Howdy Doody to take a walk and enjoy the road view.

Rhonda Meyer jokingly commented that her husband’s love for the project had an enormous expense.

Β She joked that the money they used to purchase the bull and the modified vehicle could have bought them the latest kitchen.

Β However, the special bond between Lee Meyer and Howdy Doody is unsurpassed for them.

bull riding in a car in nebraska
1bull riding in a car in Nebraska
bull riding in passenger seat
bull riding in passenger seat
Massive Bull Spotted Riding In A Chopped Ford Crown

Although there were clearly violations of traffic law resulting from the vehicle’s peculiar configuration

The police opted to issue a caution rather than a warning or a citation.Β Lee Meyer was allowed to continue his journey under the condition that he immediately returned Howdy Doody to their house.

The story of Howdy Doody the bull that rode shotgun in the back of a Ford automobile has captured the hearts and imaginations of many.Β While the motivations for this unique trip remain unsolved, however, it’s an example of the remarkable bonds that be formed between animals and humans.Β 

Howdy Doody might be a shrewd traveler however he’s certainly made a lasting impression on the city of Norfolk, Nebraska, and beyond.

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