Fiery Crash Shuts down Interstate 70 in Licking County

After a terriable accident near Columbus ohio Interstate 70 both direction were closed for traffic after terriable accident was reported on tuesday near Route 310 in Licking County.

The OHGO website reports that the traffic was closed from both direction as there was a huge collaspe between passenger bus and semi truck.

According to some reports from Β Ohio State Highway Patrol,Passenger bus was rear-ended by a semi-truck but there was no confirm report what exactly happened in Β Interstate 70.The investigation started for the accident whether which vehicle cause this horrible accident or if other vehicle were involved in the cause of accident.

At the time of 8:45 a.m there is emergency alert in Licking CountyΒ  and all the emergency personnel were send off toward the Interstate 70 at the area of crash.From the crash area the smoke can been seen coming from the bus.According to locals the bus got fire after crash.

From some report the passenger bus involved in crash was from family owned private business lacated in Millersburg.

After terriable crash atleast three patients have been moved toward Nationwide hospitals.The patient at the area have been transported by the staff toward the nearest hospital.

The most of the patient were reported to move toward Licking Memorial Hospital, Nationwide Children’s Hospital, OhioHealth Grant Medical Center, OhioHealth Pickerington Methodist hospital and Mount Carmel East hospital.

The exact numbers of injured people were not confirmed by authorities they are continuously moving injured passengers towards hospital.Multipal medical hospital were also on the spot of crash area.

In this camera footage we can see a large of of crew were present in the crash area and the bus got fire iimmediately.We can also see the impact of crash was huge that cause the bus crushed from front and the bus immediately got fire.

I-70 near Ohio crash

β€œWe are preparing for any patients we receive,” a spokesperson at Grant told ABC 6. “We will be ready.”

The highway was closed from both the direction and emergency crew were continuously visiting to provide medical help to passengers.There is no confirmed report how much time it would take to clear road for traffic.

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