Top Moments from the Latest Episode of ‘Inside the Den’ with the Detroit Lions

Detroit Lions new episode of Inside the Den

TheΒ Detroit LionsΒ threw us a curveball last Friday nightΒ the team released episode 4 of “Inside the Den.”Β The main focus of this episode was the training camp’s ramping-up at Allen Park, and everything related to the process.

Though not as lengthy as the original episode there’s still plenty happening in this 38-minute video.

The Today’s Question of the Day is:

Which was your top scene from the most recent season of “Inside the Den”?

Answer: Seeing how left tackle Taylor Decker prepares in the offseason for Bentley’s “OLP (O-Line Performance) was awe-inspiring.Β In the past, we’ve seen Decker say that’s why he ended up in Phoenix.Β Before his final season atΒ Ohio State, He was a student there and loved the training so much, it was the reason he decided to make Arizona the home of his offseason.

The place looks as if it is top of the line, and trainer Doug maintains Decker in a constant state of mind in keeping the training sessions fresh. If you’ve read my opinion of offensive linemen, you might have realized that it would be my top favorite element.

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