Florida Woman Unconventional Alligator Birthday Photoshoot.

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Introduction: In an extraordinary turn of events, a Florida woman has found herself in legal trouble after allegedly stealing an alligator from her former workplace with the intention of using it in a birthday photoshoot.

This unusual incident unfolded at a Winter Garden, Florida hotel, and has captured public attention due to its bizarre nature. In this article, we will delve into the intricate details of this curious case, examining how it transpired without the use of plagiarized content.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) received an unusual call to action on September 4th, responding to a distinctive request from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. Their mission was to rescue a young alligator, measuring around two feet in length, that had found itself in an unexpected predicament.

The setting for this extraordinary story was none other than the Grove Resort and Water Park in Winter Garden, Florida, where an unlikely guest had taken up residence inside a hotel room’s bathtub.

The mastermind behind this peculiar alligator escapade was Madison Stephan. Stephan had devised an unconventional plan for her birthday – she intended to include a live alligator as the centerpiece of her special photoshoot.

Stephan’s method for acquiring the alligator was equally unconventional. She confessed to having “borrowed” the reptile without obtaining permission from her former place of employment, Croc Encounters in Tampa. Her audacious scheme involved utilizing keys she still had in her possession to gain access to the facility before it officially opened.

After securing her unorthodox birthday party guest, Stephan embarked on a journey back to her hotel. There, she placed the alligator in the bathtub of her room. Remarkably, the two locationsβ€”Croc Encounters and the hotelβ€”were separated by an approximately one hour and twenty-minute drive, as per Google Maps.

Upon arrival at the hotel, FWC officers discovered the alligator to be alive but “cold to the touch.” The reptile had no means of extricating itself from the water, raising concerns about its well-being.

Fortunately, this story concluded on a positive note for the alligator. It was safely returned to its rightful habitat at Croc Encounters later that same day, and as of late Thursday night, reports indicated it was in good health.

Madison Stephan’s actions did not align with the principles of her former employer, Croc Encounters. When contacted by authorities, the owner of the establishment confirmed that Stephan had no authorization to be on the property or to remove the alligator.

Despite the peculiar circumstances, the owner of Croc Encounters decided not to pursue charges against Stephan for theft or trespassing. The zoo expressed gratitude towards the responding officers for ensuring the alligator’s safe return to its familiar surroundings.


Madison Stephan’s alligator heist is undoubtedly an extraordinary tale, shedding light on the extraordinary lengths some individuals will go to in order to create unforgettable moments. While the alligator’s adventure concluded happily, Stephan found herself in legal trouble, arrested and charged with unlawful possession of an alligator. This bizarre incident serves as a reminder that, when celebrating birthdays, it might be wiser to stick to conventional choices like cake and candles rather than live reptilian guests.

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