Republican Lawmakers Silence ‘Tennessee Three’ Democrat on House Floor for the Day Over ‘Out of Order’ Violation; Crowd Erupts

In a highly charged twist of events Republican lawmakers from Nashville, Tennessee, voted to disarm a young Democratic member, who was dubbed one of the “Tennessee Three.”Β 

GOP silences 'Tennessee Three' Democrat on House floor for day on 'out of order' rule; crowd erupts
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The vote was taken in a House committee session and was prompted by allegations of violations of the new rules designed to reduce disruptive behavior.Β The representative who was silent, Rep. Justin Jones, was punished since he was barred from taking part in debates or making speeches on bills throughout the session.Β The incident led to a flurry of anger and protests throughout the chamber and beyond.

GOP silences 'Tennessee Three' Democrat on House floor for day on 'out of order' rule; crowd erupts
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During the House floor session, Rep. Justin Jones who is a young Black participant in the Democratic party, was confronted with consequences for his conduct.

Β Jones was targeted with a smear campaign from Republican lawmakers who accused him of violating the rules that were recently passed to ensure decorum.Β In the end, Jones was disqualified from participating in any debates or discussions on bills for the remainder of the current session.Β 

The vote to enforce this ruling triggered the sound of shouts and chants which echoed through the chamber, despite the House speaker directing for the galleries to be cleaned.

Prior to the decision, Rep. Jones had voiced his opinion in support of legislation that would have increased police participation in the schools.Β 

His comments touched on the need for additional resources to be put first within the educational system of the state.Β House Speaker Cameron Sexton had cautioned Jones to stay focused on the subject in front of him.

Β According to the newly-established rules that are governed by the Republican-controlled chamber members who diverge away from the topic could be punished with a range of penalties that range from a single day of silence up to an entire year.

Β Jones made remarks that caused Sexton to announce that he was in violation of the rules which led to the vote to ban him from the remainder of the session.

The chaos and controversyΒ 

The result was a chaotic flurry of legislative sessions.Β The decision to stop Jones caused outrage among Democrats who tried to convince their Republican peers to reconsider.Β 

Despite their efforts, 70 GOP members supported the decision to silence Jones which led to an abrupt departure by him along with his colleagues Democratic members.Β 

The chaos was heightened when people who advocated for gun control attended an emergency session following a horrific school massacre in Nashville and expressed their displeasure.Β 

GOP silences 'Tennessee Three' Democrat on House floor for day on 'out of order' rule; crowd erupts
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The room was filled with chants that included “fascists” and “racists,” leading House Speaker Sexton to summon troopers to disperse the gallery.

GOP silences 'Tennessee Three' Democrat on House floor for day on 'out of order' rule; crowd erupts
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An Abrupt Parliamentary Session:Β 

The disruptions were not stopped as the crowd’s shouts of “vote them out” and “Whose house, our house” took over the proceedings.Β The volume of the roar was so high that it impeded legislators’ ability to perform their tasks.

Β Republican legislators were struggling to concentrate on their voting because of the immense clamor of the audience.Β This chaos underscores the profound influence that the vote to disarm Jones had on the atmosphere of the legislative session.

The incident occurred within a matter of days following a tragic shooting at an exclusive Christian institution in Nashville which resulted in the deaths of three students as well as three adults.Β With this in mind, Rep.

Jones, along with fellow members Justin Pearson and Gloria Johnson, walked toward the entrance of the House floor and used the bullhorn to amplify their message.Β 

Their actions were in line with the calls and protests of those who advocate for the control of guns.Β This heightened the tension and brought out the wider concerns and tensions that surround the issue.

Consequences and ongoing dialogue:Β 

Tennessee Three' Democrat on House floor for day on 'out of order' rule; crowd erupts
Credit The Associated Press

In the aftermath of the incident, consequences were extended to Reps. Justin Pearson and Gloria Johnson, both of whom joined Jones during his demonstration.Β 

Both Black representatives were removed from the chamber, whereas Johnson who is white, managed to avoid a similar fate.Β The subsequent return by Pearson as well as Jones for their respective posts suggests that the events have not stopped them from pursuing their duties as advocates and representatives for their constituents.

The silencing of Rep. Justin Jones during the Tennessee House floor session has been a catalyst for bringing to light the complicated debates in the legislative process and the dissent.

The incident is an opportunity to highlight the importance of dialogue, protest, and the constant battle to find an equilibrium between the right to express one’s opinions and keeping order in the political arena.

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