Las Vegas 8 Student arrested by Police

8 students arreasted in Las Vegad

There is a piece of unfortunate news that came from LAS VEGAS that 8 students have been arrested in the case of murder charges.

The Age group of these 8 students in Las Vegas is from 13 to 17. The cause of the arrest has been confirmed by high authorities. According to them, these students were involved in beating students in Las Vegas near Rancho High School.

17-year-old Jonathan Lewis died in this horrible beating and this report has been confirmed by the coroner’s office. The cause of death is from different injuries in the body and bleeding in the body.

8 Las Vegas student violent attack names were not shared publically by authorities. This attack happened on Wednesday, Nov.1 near Rancho High School. Las Vegas police homicide Lt. said they are looking into this matter very seriously and according to them few more students were involved in the beating on Nov.1 .The fight was over a stolen Vape or wireless headphones.

On Tuesday the Police announced publicly that 8 students were arrested in Las Vegas on beating charges. The police are still investigating other 2 students involved in this crime. As of now 8 out of 10 students were arrested. According to police 10 students were involved in Las Vegas High School beating.

Jonathan Lewis father talked about his son’s death publically. My 17-year-old son died on Tuesday, Nov 7, Lewis’s father was out of the state when this incident happened. He hoped authorities would take this matter seriously. Jonathan Lewis father said”We all must be held accountable for our choices,” after the victims got arrested Lewis father gave a statement

“We deserve to be able to live in peace and receive love in our community! This is just the beginning of what justice is for me. Actually recognizing why, at this age, our children chose violence, the root cause, the terror of constant resource conflict and dependence on a broken system and actually building our own self-regulated wealth and health is a huge part of justice for me as a father too!”

People of Las Vegas and Lewis father demanded other 2 victims to be arrested.

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