Gunman Kill Three People Mass Shooting Jacksonville FL Today

In a shocking tragedy that’s left the community in shock, a gunman’s racist motivated attack took the lives of three black people who reside in Jacksonville, Florida.Β The gunman, known as 21-year-old Ryan Palmeter, opened fire at the Dollar General store, tragically killing two males and one female before committing suicide himself.

shooting in jacksonville

Angela Michelle Carr, 52 was shot dead inside her car in front of her car outside the Dollar General store.Β In the store, the gunman stabbed and killed store employee AJ Laguerre, 19, and customer Gerrald Gallion 29.Β Sheriff T K Walters conveyed this devastating news at a press conference, highlighting the devastating loss that profoundly affected the families of the victims and the entire community.

Authorities have confirmed that the assault was motivated by race.Β According to Sheriff T.K.Β Waters The assassin’s manifestos that he had given to media and government officials prior to the attack, and organizations prior to the shooting contained racist content that expressed his hatred for black people.Β Waters stated that the attacker did not act on his own and there’s no evidence that suggests any involvement with other groups or organizations.

Despite being voluntarily committed to a mental health evaluation in the year 2017, Palmeter was able to legally purchase guns during the last few months.Β The weapons that were used in the attack were bought in June and April in accordance with legal processes and background screening.Β However, his previous mental health exam was not reflected in these checks due to the fact that he was released afterward.

He was living with their parents, at home in Clay County, the gunman sent a text message to his father in the course of the shooting, telling him to go into his room.Β In the room, his father found suicide notes as well as a will, along with writings that police described as racist.Β The incident occurred just five years after the tragedy in Jacksonville which added to the already depressing circumstances surrounding the incident.

The suspect was discovered in the historically Black university, Edward Waters University, which is located close by.Β The sheriff also said that it is not clear if the motive behind his shooting was originally to attack the school.Β Students from Edward Waters University were placed in dorms under lockdown for a period of time in order to prevent any harm.Β Fortunately, there were no students or faculty members were believed to be responsible for the incident.

Dollar General’s Dollar General corporate office issued an official statement that expressed its gratitude to its Jacksonville employees as well as cooperation with the police.Β This Jacksonville incident is among many shooting incidents that were reported across the US during a period of two days adding to the growing concern about gun violence across the US.Β The tragedy serves as a poignant reminder of the need to confront these acts of violence and hate in communities across the nation.

As the investigation continues as investigations continue, the society mourns for the loss of innocent lives and struggles with the consequences of this devastating incident.Β If you’d like to find out more information about this tragedy or be informed of related news, please follow this link.

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