Sensational Musical Tribute to the Enchanting World of League of Legends in Durham!

Get ready to be captivated by an unforgettable concert experience that brings the enchanting sounds from The League of Legends to life.Β Candlelight is proud to present “Candlelight: A Tribute to the Music of League of Legends,”

Musical Tribute to the Music of League of Legends in Durham!

This unique concert that takes place against the backdrop of the historical Hayti Heritage Center in Durham, North Carolina.Β Get lost in the world of soundtracks for games at multiple times with the highly anticipated show scheduled for November 14th, 2023.Β Make sure you reserve your seat today by purchasing tickets via Fever.

The Serene Setting

Explore a world full of calm and art in The Hayti Heritage Center is transformed into a heavenly oasis of music and light.Β The location, 804 Old Fayetteville Street in Durham is set to be decorated with a variety of LED-powered candles that emit a gentle, captivating light.Β 

The ambient light creates a feeling of intimateness and awe and sets the stage for a memorable musical adventure through The League of Legends universe.

Immersive League of Legends Music

Enjoy the masterful renditions of famous League of Legends themes performed by the Lyricosa String Quartet.Β 

This group, known for their extraordinary musical talent is set to breathe new life into the most popular compositions of the game.Β 

From the massive reverberations that are “Warriors” and the pulsating rhythm of “KD/A” to the haunting tunes that make up “Phoenix” and beyond, the program is a varied and captivating collection that evokes the essence of the game.

Key League of Legends Music Concert Information

Mark November 14th, 2023 on your calendar along with other dates that are available, to enjoy this amazing performance.

Β This year, the Hayti Heritage Center will host two spectacular performances scheduled for 6:45 pm and 9:15 at 9 pm.Β 

The show lasts 65 minutes, which allows people to be completely immersed in the captivating music.Β 

To ensure that you have a seat punctual arrival is crucial since seating is on a first-come-first-served basis.Β Be aware that late entries is not permitted which highlights the importance of being punctual.

Tickets for League of Legends Music Concert

Zone/SeatingTicket Price
Zone A$50
Balcony A$55
Zone B$40
Balcony B$45
About the Tickets and Their Types

Take a dive into a memorable musical adventure by choosing one of four sitting areas carefully arranged at the Hayti Heritage Center.Β Zone A is a great place to be a part of the music for $50 and Zone B provides stunning views for only $40.

Β If you’re looking for a more higher-level view, Balcony A presents an exquisite alternative for $55, while Balcony B can be upgraded by offering the price of $45.Β 

For a better experience when booking, Fever provides the opportunity to obtain refundable tickets by paying a small fee to your ticket cost.

Don’t Miss Out

Candlelight’s Tribute to the Music of League of Legends promises an incredible blend of music and ambiance and creates a concert of emotions that will continue to resonate until the very last note.Β 

No matter if you’re a committed fan of the League of Legends saga or an avid fan of captivating music, this show promises a memorable evening that is a far cry from the norm of entertainment.

Β Book your tickets today and begin a journey through the captivating and enchanting universe of League of Legends music at the Hayti Heritage Center.

Β It’s a great opportunity to experience an album that’s won hearts around the world, in a setting that takes the experience of attending a concert to new dimensions.Β Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Book your seat.

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