Target evacuated due to possible bomb threat in New Berlin Reports

Target Evacuated In New Berlin Due To Bomb Threat: Reports

Recently a Target store in New Berlin, Wisconsin, was evacuated after threats of a bomb.Β The authorities, acted swiftly when they received a report of the threat at around 9:48 a.m.Β The store, located on the corner of 4700 South Moorland Road, was quickly evacuated by 10:00 a.m. in reaction to the security concerns.

The incident led local law enforcement officials to issue a social media alert informing shoppers to stay away from the store for around an hour, with the help of a pending “police matter.”Β The incident unfolded while authorities implemented preventive measures in order to protect customers and store employees.

A new Berlin Police, who have been proactively addressing the situation, have shared their initial findings, indicating that the bomb threat could be a ruse. Although the threat at hand seemed to be sufficient to prompt a rapid evacuation, authorities are focusing on the legitimacy of the threat in order to confirm the authenticity of the assertion.

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