NYC Commuter Knocks Out Stranger Who Fell Asleep on him on Queens Subway

( NYC commuter knocks out stranger who fell asleep on him on queens subway )

A recent incident in the New York subway has garnered attention because of a disturbing video that shows a fight that broke out when a stranger pushed another passenger who was asleep on his shoulders.Β The incident occurred on the northbound F train as it approached the Forest Hills 71st Avenue station in Queens.Β The scuffle, which was captured by cameras and posted via social media, highlights the conflicts and tensions that can occur in urban transport settings.

nyc commuter knocks out stranger who fell asleep on him on queens subway

In a shocking twist of incidents, a metro rider was furious when he saw another passenger who was using him as a pillow when he was sleeping.Β The person who was causing the trouble, sporting the black shirt with the American flag design as well as a gray cap confronted the sleeper and yelled at him both in Spanish in Spanish and English.Β Video footage shows the perpetrator constantly stating that he was familiar with the victim regardless of their differences in language.

The situation rapidly escalated after the attacker waved his hands directly in front of the sleepy passenger’s face, requesting that he should not use him as an additional pillow.Β The aggressor continued to scold the sleeper and demanded that they lie on someone else’s shoulder.

Β The fight turned physical when the attacker punched his victim’s forehead three times causing him to be briefly unconscious.Β This violent incident led to fighting between the attackers and a person who came to defend the victim.

NYC commuter knocks out stranger who fell asleep on him on Queens subway

The brawl erupted and people sitting nearby began getting away from the violence escalating.Β The fight continued until the train sped towards its destination, the Forest Hills station in Queens.Β 

The victim appeared to be shocked and rubbed his face in the aftermath of the incident.Β The victim and his friend left their train from the platform, and they made a report to local authorities.

In the midst of an ongoing investigation, despite the incident being recorded on video and widely reported through social media platforms, the person who committed the attack remains in the wild.Β 

An assault complaint was filed against the attacker and law enforcement agencies are trying to locate and capture the suspect.Β The viral video has brought attention to the importance of keeping peace and safety when using public transportation facilities and highlights the difficulties of sharing space with a variety of commuters.


The shocking subway fight is a stark reminder of the tensions that are created in urban environments even over seemingly insignificant issues.Β The incident, which was captured by cameras and posted on social media platforms, sheds some light on the significance of security and mutual respect when it comes to public transportation, and highlights the necessity of taking ways to prevent these confrontations from happening in the future.

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