Republican Mom of Nashville Shooting Survivor Blasts GOP’s Priorities

Following the horrific mass shooting at the school that took place at a school in Nashville, Melissa Alexander, an ardent mother and a conservative advocate has been vocal against Tennessee’s legislature’s absence of action regarding gun reform.Β As someone who has personal connections in the aftermath of this tragedy her passionate appeal highlights the urgent necessity for change.

Republican Mom of Nashville Shooting Survivor Blasts GOP's Priorities

The shivering memories of the day that took place on March 27, still haunt Nashville’s Covenant School, where 28-year-old Audrey Hale unleashed gunfire that killed six people and wounded 3 innocent kids.Β Hale’s violent rampage in the arms shocked the neighborhood and left the aftermath of grief and sorrow.Β Her horrifying manifesto added an extra chilling element to the already horrific incident.

Melissa Alexander’s child was one of the victims of that fateful day.Β Alexander, a mother who is conservative was on the phone to voice her displeasure with the legislature’s absence of progress in the implementation of gun reform.Β At her office at the State Capitol, Alexander voiced her desire to work together to bring about reform.

In spite of their arduous efforts to the contrary, the Republican-controlled House as well as Senate chambers are unable to make proposed legislation sensible legislation.Β The special session on public safety which is in its 2nd week has introduced more than 100 bills, however, the progress is slow.Β Covenant Families in Action, a group of staff, parents, and survivors, is concerned that insufficient reforms could be a result of this session.

Alexander, alongside mothers like Becky Hansen and Sarah Shoop Neumann from the Covenant School community, spoke about legislation they feel is insufficient to safeguard children.Β The spotlight was focused on House Bill 7604, which could allow for a lighter restriction on the carrying of guns on school grounds.Β Community concerns also include the possibility of removing autopsy reports for minor victims from public view.

Alexander did not mince words when she criticized lawmakers for placing personal agendas ahead of the security of the residents of Tennessee.Β Alexander blasted her lack of empathy as well as the obvious gap between legislators and the people they represent.Β The resultant anger reached an unsustainable level and led to Alexander’s statement that state senators are causing more harm by “doing nothing.”

Mothers like Hansen as well as Neumann have put their energy in promoting change even at the expense of lost personal moments and emotional tension.Β Shoop Neumann’s touching analogy of the legislative impasse to the “Cold War” reflects the feeling of being caught in a conflict that is not resolved.Β The fervor is in response to legislators refusing to take up bills that contradict their personal beliefs.

The peaceful meeting of Monday’s gun control advocates was an impressive show of support from the public, even though signs were taken down by police.Β Hansen’s story of her son’s run for safety in the aftermath of the shooting revealed the continuing trauma suffered by families affected.Β The emotional burden on parents and children alike highlights the need for legislative intervention.

A traumatic journey to change Alexander’s life is marked by personal challenges and emotional wounds.Β She stresses the emotional value of telling stories in public that reopen old wounds and calls for reform.Β The traumatizing experiences of the affected families are a powerful factor in the battle for reforms that can save lives.

Kris Brown, president of Brady, a national prevention group for gun violence group Brady believes that Tennessee lawmakers must take action to prevent tragedies from happening again.Β Brown’s appeal insists on the necessity of taking immediate steps to stop further trauma and suffering.Β The article ends by asking what lawmakers can do to help grieving parents and fail to adopt the necessary steps to prevent similar heartbreaking incidents.

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