Sabrina Ionescu gets Real on Close Relationship with Stephen Curry

Sabrina Ionescu gets Real on Close Relationship with Stephen Curry

Sabrina Ionescu, the star point guard of The New York Liberty, is not just getting noticed within the WNBA but also developing friendships with Golden State Warriors’ legendary point guard Steph Curry.

Β This special bond is rooted in Ionescu’s early years when she admired Curry as an avid fan.Β She’s now not just an athlete in the same league, but also believes Curry to be a coach.

As a child within the Bay Area, it was virtually impossible not to be a big fan of Steph Curry.Β The admiration Ionescu had for him only got more intense as he reached fame as a member of the Warriors.Β 

But the tide has turned.Β Ionescu has risen to her own fame being a professional point guard and she is awestruck to be part of the same professional and social community as someone she was watching when she was a fan in her youth.

In an interview recently, Ionescu spoke about the relationship she has with Curry by saying, “I talk to [Steph] regularly.

It’s always a full-circle moment to be able to grow up watching them on TV and on a court, and then be able to pick up the phone and call them if you need to.

I know what that feels like, and I want to be that for younger athletes as well, using that experience that I have to want to be that mentor for a lot of others as well. I never want to take those moments for granted” (Martin Rickman of Dime magazine).

Sabrina Ionescu has emerged as an outstanding athlete in The New York Liberty, leading the team to the most impressive overall record of the WNBA’s Eastern Conference.Β 

As the previous number-one overall pick from Oregon for 2020 she’s been selected to the All-Star squad for her second time of the year.Β 

However, what really impressed people was her stunning performance in the three-point contest where she scored a staggering 37 points which broke Steph Curry’s previous record of the top score of 37 points in NBA and WNBA history.

Ionescu’s path from an unassuming fan, to developing an alliance with her idol Steph Curry, demonstrates the potential of talent, determination, and the influence of role models for athletes.Β 

This special bonding experience in the arena of basketball can serve as a source of inspiration for hopeful athletes and proves that dreams can be made reality.

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