Scare from Hawaii was a warning that Vanderbilt football can’t ignore Estes

In Vanderbilt’s first game of the 2023 season, questions have surfaced after their disappointing win against Hawaii.Β Despite the win of 35-28 at home, however, the Commodores have caused many to question the team’s ability to compete in the rest of the season.

Scare from Hawaii was a warning that Vanderbilt football can't ignore | Estes

The Commodores were able to win a victory, however, the circumstances raise doubts regarding their potential.Β While the score might suggest that the team had a good time a closer examination at the factors that led to the victory.Β 

De’Rickey Wright’s crucial interceptions as well as Jayden McGowan’s kickoff return that resulted in an important touchdown created the necessary momentum.Β But Hawaii’s defense threw away potential interceptions, and penalties helped Vanderbilt’s performance in the final minutes of the game.

Vanderbilt’s performance has raised concerns regarding their physical strength up front.Β While they’re trying to be more of a perimeter-based team, their inability to control the physical field with Hawaii can be alarming.Β The offensive line was a seasoned one and allowed Hawaii to dominate the scrimmage line.Β The lack of grit in the trenches stopped Vanderbilt from dominating the game when it was needed the most.

Scare from Hawaii was a warning that Vanderbilt football can't ignore | Estes

As Vanderbilt faces the issues of the 2023 season the team needs to work on its weaknesses and strengthen its endurance.Β While their receivers are an asset the team’s physical strength and ability to play important plays require improvement.Β 

Vanderbilt’s quest to become a top-of-the-line SEC team is not limited to the ability to play, but also a determination that is able to stand up to tough competition.Β The team’s awareness of their mistakes during the season opener is a good starting point to grow and develop.

Vanderbilt’s 35-28 win against Hawaii has provoked discussion regarding the team’s performance and potential for the coming season.Β Although the result was an impressive win, the game revealed areas of concern, especially with regard to physicality and performance.Β 

With the progress of this season, the Commodores have the task of increasing their performance, acknowledging their strengths, and gaining the necessary resilience to be successful within the SEC.Β The opening game of the season is a reminder of how progress and growth are crucial for Vanderbilt’s progress in the game of collegiate football.

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