August 24 America’s Sickest day of the Year

By Fcseattle

America Sickest Days

Recent study has identified August 24 as America's "sickest day of the year," based on sick leave patterns across US businesses over five years.Β 

Study, conducted by leave management platform Flamingo, analyzed trends in sick leave and found that this day has the highest rate of employees calling in sick.Β 

February 13, the day before Valentine's Day and sometimes the Super Bowl, was identified as the second "sickest" day of the year.Β 

Stomach issues, such as diarrhea or vomiting, were the most common reasons cited for taking sick leave (54% of cases)Β 

The majority of those who called in sick used text messages, WhatsApp, or Slack (54%) to inform their bosses, followed by phone calls (33%) and emails (12%).Β 

Top 10 β€˜sickest’ days of the year

1. Aug. 24 2. Feb. 13 3. Oct. 25 4. Dec.Β 15 5. AprilΒ 18 6. Feb.Β 2 7. Jan.Β 24 8. June 26 9. Dec.Β 12