Meghan Markle's Instagram ReturnΒ 

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Meghan Markle's potential return to Instagram sparks controversy. PR experts weigh in on the impact of her decision.Β 

Meghan previously shut down her Instagram ahead of her engagement to Prince Harry in 2018. Her recent statement about getting back on the platform has raised Β eyebrows.Β 

Edward Coram-James, CEO at GoUp, emphasizes the significance of Meghan's return to Instagram from a PR perspective.Β 

Experts warn that the move might not be wise for Meghan, considering her financial status, media history, and efforts to build her brand.Β 

Criticism often centers around the perception that the Sussexes prioritize personal gain over their royal status, making the return to Instagram fraught with challenges.Β 

Reopening Instagram could lead to accusations of hypocrisy, attention-seeking, and disregarding cultural traditions and titles, tarnishing Meghan's reputation.Β 

Despite potential PR challenges, Meghan may feel compelled to provide for her family, highlighting the dilemma between practicality and doing what's right.Β 

Edward Coram-James suggests the government should assist in security expenses, potentially leading to a more favorable public perception of the Sussexes.Β 

As Meghan Markle contemplates her return to Instagram, the PR landscape underscores the complexities she faces in balancing personal aspirations and public perceptionΒ 

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