Why Pep Guardiola Won’t Leading Man City vs Sheffield United?

Why is Pep Guardiola not managing Man City vs Sheffield United

The absence of Pep Guardiola during Manchester City’s Premier League match against Sheffield United has led to fans asking what the reason for his absence.Β Guardiola is the renowned coaching team that is recovering after back surgeries.Β In his absence, his Assistant coach Juanma Lillo has assumed the reins for the Premier League champions.

Pep Guardiola Back Surgery and Recovery Period

Pep Guardiola has struggled with back discomfort for nearly 10 years since the injury began, and it dates from his days as manager of Barcelona.Β The pain increased significantly after Manchester City’s win over Newcastle.

Β In the aftermath, Guardiola made the decision to travel to Barcelona to undergo an emergency back surgery, which was performed by Dr. Mireia Illueca.Β The procedure was successful and Guardiola is now recovering in Barcelona.

Pep Guardiola Recovery

Guardiola’s exact time of absence is not known and is dependent on the pace at which he recovers from back surgery.Β The club is expecting his return after the forthcoming international break, with the goal of the mid-September time frame for his return.

How many matches will Guardiola miss?

During his recuperation, Pep Guardiola is expected to miss two games.Β Guardiola will not be present for his Premier League clash against Sheffield United and also for the home game with Fulham on the 2nd of September.Β If his recovery is as expected, Guardiola will return to the dugout for the game at Wolves on the 16th of September.

Juanma Lillo Taking Charge

In the absence of Guardiola, their absence Juanma Lillo who is the coach’s assistant, is taking on the role of manager.Β Lillo is a professional with more than 40 years of coaching experience including an experience as an assistant coach at Manchester City, is overseeing training sessions as well as managing the team for both the away fixture in Sheffield United Sheffield United and the home game against Fulham.

Juanma Lillo Background and Relationship to Guardiola

Juanma Lillo, hailing from Tolosa in the Basque Country of Spain, has had a long and successful coaching career that spans several decades.Β While he did not have an active professional career in football, Lillo has coached 17 different teams and was an assistant to Chile, Sevilla, and Manchester City.Β 

He has a mentor-student partnership with Guardiola who is awestruck by Lillo’s expertise as a coach.Β Their relationship started in the 1995-96 season as Guardiola’s Barcelona played Lillo’s Real Oviedo.Β 

The first encounter developed into a strong professional connection which led to Guardiola joining Dorados Sinaloa to Mexico to study under Lillo’s supervision.Β Lillo was later his assistant coach for Guardiola’s time for Manchester City, contributing to the team’s string of Premier League victories.

Guardiola as well as Lillo have kept their close friendship even after Lillo briefly resigned to run Al Sadd in Qatar. The return of Lillo back to the City coaching structure in the summer of this year further strengthened their bond following the departure of personnel.

In the end, Pep Guardiola’s absence from the game with Sheffield United stems from his ongoing recuperation after back surgery.Β Juanma Lillo, his trusted coach and assistant is now in the responsibility of leading the team in this time.Β Guardiola’s determination to recover and Lillo’s experience as a coach underline the strength and flexibility of the team of Manchester City in the face of tough times.

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